Allow Me To Introduce Myself (and my girls!)


From left to right: Jasmine Craig, Altaress Craig, Lauren Craig

Please call me Ally…My name is Altaress Craig and I am the mother to my two wonderful girls, Jasmine and Lauren, who are my apprentices and product testers 🙂 . Jasmine is my oldest, with 4C texture hair (Here is a link that explains hair-typing ). Lauren, the not-so-little-anymore child, has a mix of 4A and 4B hair. My hair is 4B with more loose locks in the front of my head. I am fortunate to have children with different hair textures to try my recipes on, because I have already found that one recipe that works perfectly on my hair may leave my youngest daughter’s hair undesirably greasy. It is so true that what products work on one person’s hair may not work on another!

I started this journey into mixology after graduating from college and cosmetology school and not knowing what direction I wanted to take my career in. Going natural in 2010 narrowed down my focus to natural hair and, with the help of social media, introduced me to a whole new world of learning and growing about natural hair. All these new terms…twistout, braidout, LOC…I was lost but excited to know there were so many of us united on the natural hair journey. I became a product junkie of course, but I would buy sample sizes to save money. I love my hair now, shrinkage and all.

However, the problem I saw in the product world is that sometimes products go out of production. Or the company changes up the ingredients. Or we are sensitive to the formula. Or they flat-out cost too much. What are we to do in those cases? My hair recipes are my backup plan when a situation like this arises. I still use commercial products, but if I can make it at home and save money I will. I have already been disappointed by a company discontinuing my favorite lipstick or my most flattering foundation. It is a soul-crushing experience. With one conditioner recipe I tried from a blogger, I learned that I do not have to go through that with hair products! Natural Hair Mixology was born. I jumped into the game and I’m not looking back!

Let’s get to know each other. Feel free to leave a comment. ❤ Ally


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