Slippery Soft Hair Lotion Recipe

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy


Jasmine’s hair before using the Slippery Soft Hair Lotion (top left) and after (bottom right)

I was working on a Twist/Loc Gel and it did NOT turn out as I expected. So I moved on to another hopeful recipe and struck gold. I have heard so many great things about avocado oil, but when I tried it as a stand-alone product, it was just oily. As a lotion though, it is heavenly smooth and slippery.

3 Benefits to Using the Avocado Oil in a Lotion

1. The avocado oil is pre-measured into the lotion which avoids overuse of the oil.

2. Using avocado oil in lotion form assures more even distribution of the oil in the hair.

3. Application of avocado oil in a lotion decreases oil on clothing and pillowcases.

I used the lotion on Jasmine’s hair, which was really thirsty for moisture, and her hair was no longer lifeless. In the picture above, it shows that her hair is darker from the moisture and her curls clumped a lot better. Now that she has a product that she can depend on, Jasmine is looking forward to growing out her hair.



2 ½ teaspoons cetyl alcohol (trial-size available)

3/4 cup chamomile tea (see below for recipe)

3 ½ tablespoons avocado oil

1/2 teaspoon guar gum (trial-size available)


Chamomile Tea Recipe

2 tablespoons chamomile flowers

1 cup water


To Make

Use a ratio of 1 cup of water to 2 tbsp of the dried herb. Pour boiling water over herbs and allow to steep 2 hours in a closed container. Strain herbs and discard. Use remaining liquid.


Slippery Soft Hair Lotion Recipe

To Make

Make chamomile tea in a separate pot.  When the chamomile tea cools to warm, add guar gum slowly and stir. Mix avocado oil with the cetyl alcohol in another pot in a small double boiler. When the water in the bottom pot of the double boiler reaches the boiling point, the cetyl alcohol will dissolve in the avocado oil, about 5 minutes.  Immediately combine the warm chamomile tea with the hot avocado oil (If you do it the other way around you will lose oil) in a 2-cup capacity container and use a stick blender to blend 2-3 minutes. The mix should be the consistency of a lotion at this time. Allow the mix to cool to room temperature and then refrigerate. Use immediately.

To Use

The lotion can be used on either damp or dry hair. To use on damp hair, after shampooing and conditioning, rub a small amount in hands and distribute throughout clean damp hair. Follow with normal styling routine. On dry hair, start with a small amount on the ends and work up the hair shaft as you smooth down the cuticle of the hair.


The liquids in the recipe are at scalding temperatures. Mixolo’G, Natural Hair Mixology is not responsible for the assumption of risk in the execution of this recipe.

I would love your feedback on this recipe! ❤ Ally

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