Why Glycerin and I Don’t Mix

Glycerin Article

I can’t remember the last time it rained

I live in California and it is so HOT and DRY here. We are in the midst of a worsening drought and I can tell by all the dust on my furniture. Now my hair needs extra special attention under these conditions. I need styling products that will seal and hold moisture in as long as possible until I can refresh my hair with spritzing and another layer of sealant. I heard about glycerin and wanted to give it a try so I bought some, mixed it with water, sprayed my hair down, and went about my business. By the end of the day my hair was telling me NO!!! Glycerin is not the move. And I thought, why does it work for so many others and not for me? I dismissed it as just being a hair-type thing until I read how glycerin reacts in dry conditions. Glycerin can attract moisture TO your hair, if there is moisture in the atmosphere. Good for the East Coast Naturalistas that live in a humid environment and need a moisture boost. But if the environment has little to no moisture in the air, like drought-stricken California, then the glycerin will leech the moisture from your hair! I learned a lesson to think about my environment as well as my hair type when I test an ingredient and its effect on my hair. Because of my environment, my recipes for styling products and leave-ins will most likely be glycerin –free.

But feel free to add it to the recipes if it works for your hair! Here’s a link to Amazon.com for purchase.

Why Glycerin and I Don't Mix

Please let me know if this information was helpful! ❤ Ally



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