Banana Coffee Deep Conditioner Recipe

image_1 (1) Before pic, nice and dry (Scroll down for after pic!)

After spending all day in the intense sun yesterday at Santa Cruz, my hair was THIRSTY. I love my Oatmeal Water Conditioner (see under Recipe tab) but I needed to give it some deep conditioning power. There are many banana conditioner recipes out there, but I wanted to build on what I knew works for my hair. I thought of using coffee off the top of my head, did some research, and decided to try it with the banana. I LOVE the results!!!


Prepared Oatmeal Water Conditioner Recipe substituting avocado oil for olive oil (optional)

1/2 overripe banana

2 tablespoons coffee

Banana Coffee Deep Conditioner 1  Overripe bananas and coffee


I wanted to include a picture of how ripe my bananas were so you can visualize what I used (Just use 1/2 a banana!). The softness and gooeyness of overripe bananas are perfect for deep-conditioning.


To Make

Prepare Oatmeal Water Conditioner Recipe. Cut up the 1/2 of a banana into 1-inch pieces. Add the bananas and coffee to conditioner and use a stick blender to mix. Use immediately.


To Use

Apply after shampooing to saturate hair. Cover head with plastic cap and allow to sit for up to 1 hour. This conditioner can be used with a bonnet dryer for deep penetration. Rinse hair and scalp thoroughly until water is clear. Do not use as a leave-in.

 Banana Coffee Deep Conditioner 4

After pic…never thought my hair would blow in the wind 🙂

I would love your feedback on this recipe! ❤ Ally


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