Blowout Results with Low-Heat Protection Lotion

The last time I did a blowout on my daughter was about two years ago. I used Biosilk on her hair, a very expensive silicone-based serum. The results were nice, but the coating of the Biosilk had me concerned about dryness and breakage. With cost of the product and the concern for damage to her hair, I wasn’t willing to make blow outs a frequent styling option for her. But with the Low-Heat Protection Lotion Recipe , I feel confident that I can blow out my daughter’s hair safely and without the extra expense of a commercially-made product.

I had to butter up my baby with a pastry from the coffee shop for her to let me blow out her hair. But the results were well worth it. I wet her hair down with water and squeezed the excess water from her hair, but did not towel dry.  It was still damp when I applied approximately 3 1/2 teaspoons of the Low-Heat Protection Lotion on her entire head. I used about 1 teaspoon per ponytail with the most used on the thickest sections of her head. Instead, she sat with a towel around her shoulders and her hair air dried for about an hour.

Low Heat Protection Lotion 4 Low Heat Protection Lotion 5

I performed the blowout taking small 1-inch sections of damp hair and smoothing the lotion through with a comb. Then I stretched the hair with my hand and blow dried it on the warm setting to 90% dry. Once the hair was relatively straight, I used a round brush to fully straighten and dry her hair. Not one whiff of burnt hair or one wisp of smoke came from her head. After a trim, she was all smiles!

Low Heat Protection Lotion 7Low Heat Protection Lotion 8

My daughter’s hair felt very soft but not oily. I was surprised that I didn’t have to wash my hands of any oil or product after finishing the blowout. I just rinsed them with water and was good.

From this point, I have so many more styling options for her hair. I can flat-iron the ends for a finished look, braid it up, or give her a soft ponytail (that’s what she wanted). I think she will let me experiment with her hair more now, but I won’t press my luck too soon.





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