Curl Reversion After Blowout

I gave Lauren a blow out using my Low-Heat Protection Lotion, and she wore her hair mostly in a low ponytail for a week. I would take the ponytail out every other day to comb through it with a wide-tooth comb and apply a butter product to keep it soft. Even with all her running around, her hair stayed mostly straight.


Curl Reversion 2

Lauren’s freshly blown out hair 

After a week, it was wash day for her. I wet her hair down and washed her hair with shampoo. The shampoo sat on her hair about 15 minutes and then rinsed. I applied the Lite’G Oatmeal Water Conditioner and left it on for an hour. When I detangled with the conditioner on, her hair felt soft and I detected no damage. I did notice that curls at the ends of her hair had loosened. When I did some online research about low-heat on hair, I found a great article about heat-training, which is the loosening that happens when even low-heat is used on the hair. Because I don’t blow out her hair often, I know her curl memory will return. Curl memory is how your hair can hold a curl pattern according to the way you continuously style your hair. ( We are both enjoying the temporary loosening of her curls and she can wear her hair out, which she loves! All’s well that ends well.

Curl Reversion

Lauren’s freshly detangled hair after blowout…The shrinkage is crazy!

Curl Reversion 3

Curls are dry and defined 

Please let me know if this information was helpful! ❤ Ally


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