I Live and Dye by the Strand Test

IMG_2256My strand test method

This is not a new puff style (although it could be), but it is a picture of how I pull my hair up and take sections from the back of my head for strand testing new ingredients. Last night I tested Aritha powder on the left side and Kaolin clay on the right side. I must say that if I had applied the Aritha Powder all over my head without strand testing, I might be doing a big chop today. The powder is very potent and really pulls all the product from your hair, along with the natural oils your hair produces. Since I only used it once, it didn’t do any damage to my hair. However I can see how over time, the Aritha powder is much too drying for my hair. My hair reacted favorably to the Kaolin Clay. I  plan on moving forward with formulating a new recipe with it. But without performing a strand test first, I probably would have had disastrous results from the Aritha powder.

Please let me know if this information was helpful! ❤ Ally 


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