Everything I Wanted To Say To Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams was the keynote speaker at the Ultimate Women’s Expo held in the San Mateo Expo Center last Saturday. I had only heard about the event the day before, and I couldn’t miss her appearance at the $5 price of admission.


Wendy Williams On Stage Giving Us Life

Wendy showed up and showed out! She appeared flawless onstage with every hair laid in place, and her skin glowing under the lights. She talked about life, love, and everything in-between, giving real-world lessons and advice tailored to the women in the audience. Some of her main points included:

1. Have a plan A, B, and C in life.

2. Don’t depend on a man for your well-being. Be able to stand up on your own and for yourself.

3. Don’t give up on love. Even for the over 35 set (me included) love can still be found.

After her talk, she held a question and answer session with the audience. The questions ranged from issues with getting a man to put a ring on it to grandmother discipline of the grandchildren she is caring for. Wendy’s advice was so on-point for the people struggling with the questions they already know the answer to.

Wendy was also signing copies of her latest book, “Hold Me In Contempt” immediately following the show. I took my daughter to the restroom and snack bar, and figured if there were any books left, I would try to get a signed copy. Of course, Wendy and Barnes and Noble had plenty of copies for sale so I bought one and stood in line.


 Wendy Williams Signing Her Book Hold Me In Contempt

I started thinking about all the years I had been listening to Wendy Williams, being born and raised in North Jersey, and what in the world would I say when it was my turn to get my book signed.

I wanted to ask, how is Uncle Red doing? (DJ Red Alert) Of all the radio shows that Wendy did, I always thought they had the best vibe on the air.

I wanted to tell her, I just got my braces off my teeth at 38 years old! Sounds ridiculous, but if you have been listening to Wendy all these years, she prioritizes good teeth, skin, hair, and appearance in general. Wendy knows how important keeping yourself together really is in the real world, and I wanted to thank her for reinforcing that message in my life.

I wanted to tell her about the time when I called into the radio station (either KISS FM or WBLS) and was on the air with her. She asked me was my favorite color lipstick was, and I said brown :). I was so young at the time!

I wanted to thank her for keeping it real with these celebrities (Hi’ You Doin’?)  I really love her talk show because when she dishes the dirt, her eyes tell what is really going on!

One last question I wanted to ask her is, what do you think of the current state of radio in the r&b/hip-hop genre? What is your view on the Clear Channel consolidation and the shift to syndication of radio shows? What about your colleagues who have been displaced by this?

So many years of history listening to Wendy on the radio from the late 80’s/early 90’s until today, and only 5 seconds to say something!!!



My Picture With Wendy Williams

“Thank you for getting me through all the good years Wendy!” is what I ended up saying. And she said, “Thank you!” in her trademark voice. She is a lovely and totally keeping it real woman.


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