Build A Child’s Self-Confidence In The Salon

I’ve been in the salon now for a little over 2 weeks and it’s got me nostalgic about when I was a child in the salon. I remember feeling like my hair was not as neat as it could be (I didn’t understand that stylists are used to seeing that). And I thought they (the salon folks) would talk bad about me because of it. My perception was that I walked in the salon with a tornado hairstyle and walked out looking 100 times better. Children are so delicate and their perception is important to consider when building clientele for life. My daughters have not experienced the salon because I do their hair. I wonder if they’re missing anything…I think as I groom them to care for their hair, they will have the confidence that I didn’t have to walk into a salon and get their hair done. I truly believe my salon experience as a child shaped the fact that I wanted to own/open my own salon. I want every child to know and feel they are beautiful! When I did my youngest daughter’s friends hair, they had a blast! And they want to come back to the salon

I want every child to know that it doesn’t matter how you come into my salon-this is a no-judgement zone-It matters how you feel when you walk out.
What are your feelings on your salon experiences? Please let me know what you think! ❤ Ally



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