Color Does Not Lift Color, Lesson Learned

My blonde highlights were great over the summer, however as the seasons changed, the color started to look washed out. I wanted to return to my natural level to allow my hair to grow in without harsh dark roots, so I colored my hair down to a natural level 4. Over the winter, I fell in love with pictures of naturals with coppery reds in the level 6 range in their hair. When I applied my color, a level 6 copper to my hair, I thought maybe some of the copper tone would show, but because most of my hair was dark, I got nothing. I do have copper new growth though, and I am hoping with the California sun acting as a natural lightener, I can achieve the color I want over time and with hair growth. But I do not want to lighten my hair with bleach at this time, especially since it is very dry from the heat in my home at night.

10945013_10100617905404770_9083448324950085579_nI want red hair, not fair!

I will grow my hair out and do it the right way so that my hair doesn’t get stressed and break off. I may add subtle copper highlights later so the color blends better. The bang is a loose flat twist pulled around and pinned into place. I love color on natural hair, but I am cautious and conscientious when I apply it. I learned my lesson-Pick a color level and stick to it! Change takes time!!!

Please let me know what you think! ❤ Ally


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