Heating Cap Twists, A Testimonial About Jane Carter Nourish and Shine

Last week, my client came in to purchase products, and we were talking about the various uses of butters in the hair. She does twistouts for her daughter and wanted to know why butters tend to lay on the hair in a twistout and if there was a way to get the butter to penetrate. I explained to her that the butter is a sealant for the hair to hold in the layers of moisture underneath. I told her to try some form of heat on the butter to make it smoother on the hair and gave her several sample products to try.

Today, this client came back  and told me she used Jane Carter Nourish and Shine to twist her daughter’s hair and she sat under a heating cap for penetration. While she was here, her daughter called to give the results of the twistout. The daughter was on speakerphone raving about her hair and how soft and defined her twists were with the heat from the heating cap and the Nourish and Shine. Even the day after, she said her hair was still very soft and manageable, exactly the result she was looking for.

I will have to try this technique in the salon and post a “how to” to get the best results.

As a cosmetologist, I am always glad to help. ❤ Ally

Color Does Not Lift Color, Lesson Learned

My blonde highlights were great over the summer, however as the seasons changed, the color started to look washed out. I wanted to return to my natural level to allow my hair to grow in without harsh dark roots, so I colored my hair down to a natural level 4. Over the winter, I fell in love with pictures of naturals with coppery reds in the level 6 range in their hair. When I applied my color, a level 6 copper to my hair, I thought maybe some of the copper tone would show, but because most of my hair was dark, I got nothing. I do have copper new growth though, and I am hoping with the California sun acting as a natural lightener, I can achieve the color I want over time and with hair growth. But I do not want to lighten my hair with bleach at this time, especially since it is very dry from the heat in my home at night.

10945013_10100617905404770_9083448324950085579_nI want red hair, not fair!

I will grow my hair out and do it the right way so that my hair doesn’t get stressed and break off. I may add subtle copper highlights later so the color blends better. The bang is a loose flat twist pulled around and pinned into place. I love color on natural hair, but I am cautious and conscientious when I apply it. I learned my lesson-Pick a color level and stick to it! Change takes time!!!

Please let me know what you think! ❤ Ally

7 Regimen Shortcuts Without Sacrificing Healthy Hair

Over the past few weeks, I’m learning what it is like to not have the 4 hours I used to have to do my hair. I used to be able to take all morning washing, conditioning, sitting under the dryer…all at my leisure. Now I’m in spritz and go mode and scratch it as it itches haha. But I have developed some shortcuts that may be helpful to someone looking to shorten their hair routine. 
1. The most significant change I made was to wear my hair in a twisted updo. I still wash and condition every week-week and a half or so, but I keep it up and out-of-the-way so the only thing I have to style in the morning is the bang. I was surprised that detangling my hair was not so bad after not washing my hair for almost 2 weeks. I did have about double the shedding I normally have, which still was not a lot of hair. Keeping my hair stretched in this protective style has helped with the detangling I think. I keep my spray bottle close when I need to spritz and re-twist my protective style.
2. To save time on styling my hair into the protective style, as I detangle my hair, I place my partings where I want them in the style so I don’t have to re-part my hair after I put my curl cream on. Re-parting can cause the hair to shrink and curl back up and results in lost time trying to re-stretch the hair.
3. The next discovery I made in the salon…My edges were out of control, and I just wanted something to tack it down. So I used the American Crew pomade for men that I had in the salon. Did the trick! Why buy an expensive edge control gel when you may already have something that works in your home (or salon)?
4. The next thing I did was to trim my ends. I want to make sure that even though I don’t have the time to do certain things to my hair, I need to stick to the foundation of what will keep my hair healthy. So I just put my hair into 4 sections and trimmed about a 1/2 inch off each section. I’m not concerned about layering and all of that since my hair is up in a protective style.
5. I also colored my hair back down to a level 4-I thought it was going to have a brighter red/violet look, but that’s alright. By going back to a tone that is close to my natural level, I don’t have to worry about coloring it for a while, which saves me time. And it allows my hair time to grow and come back healthy when I’m ready to color it in the spring.

6. Use sample sizes as travel sizes and keep your most useful styling product handy in case of an emergency. Jane Carter Solution was gracious enough to send me samples of their Curl Defining Creme and their Nourish and Shine, and I keep one of each in my purse! They give just enough product to smooth and place a set style to keep it looking finished.

7. Try head wraps! I received my Fanm Djanm headwraps last week, and they were right on time. I followed the YouTube tutorial on how to tie it, and within a minute or two I had a professional, attractive style for work.

As we know, there are things you just can not skip, like thorough washing, conditioning well, and using the right products to keep your hair moisturized. That is non-negotiable.
 But everything else can be managed. Even on shorter hair, headbands and hair ornaments go a long way to make a style look polished. I hope these tips were helpful, and if I come up with any more, I will update the post.
Please feel free to comment on this post! ❤ Ally



Build A Child’s Self-Confidence In The Salon

I’ve been in the salon now for a little over 2 weeks and it’s got me nostalgic about when I was a child in the salon. I remember feeling like my hair was not as neat as it could be (I didn’t understand that stylists are used to seeing that). And I thought they (the salon folks) would talk bad about me because of it. My perception was that I walked in the salon with a tornado hairstyle and walked out looking 100 times better. Children are so delicate and their perception is important to consider when building clientele for life. My daughters have not experienced the salon because I do their hair. I wonder if they’re missing anything…I think as I groom them to care for their hair, they will have the confidence that I didn’t have to walk into a salon and get their hair done. I truly believe my salon experience as a child shaped the fact that I wanted to own/open my own salon. I want every child to know and feel they are beautiful! When I did my youngest daughter’s friends hair, they had a blast! And they want to come back to the salon

I want every child to know that it doesn’t matter how you come into my salon-this is a no-judgement zone-It matters how you feel when you walk out.
What are your feelings on your salon experiences? Please let me know what you think! ❤ Ally


Proof Positive-The Driest Hair Can Be Revived With The Right Product Line For Your Hair Type

This is my daughter Jasmine :). She will be 16 and is as stubborn as a mule. But thankfully for me, she has always wanted her hair natural. She has 4C texture hair and it is low porosity. She has been using store-bought products which, as you can see, have left her hair extremely dry. I was at my wits end when I remembered that I had tried a sample pack of Qhemet Biologics products over a year ago, and I knew it was designed for her hair texture. So I ordered some for the salon and as soon as I got it, I strapped her down in the chair like a patient (jokes) and went to work.


The Picture of Product Buildup 

The Qhemet Biologics line got it right with moisture-rich products that are not thick and gummy. I used to be under the misconception that a conditioning product had to be heavy and thick to work. Not so with this line. My daughters hair has the tightly closed cuticle, so the lightness of Qhemet Biologics conditioning ghee and detangling ghee allows the product to penetrate deeply to separate and detangle the  hair. Then we applied the heavy cream and massaged it into her hair, sat her under the dryer for 15-20 minutes, and finished with a shine spray. Her hair is back to life!!!


Products Used: Qhemet Biologics Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee, Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee, Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream

She agreed to let me care for her hair every week. She may even let me give her regular trims, but I won’t press my luck. Teenagers, gotta love ’em!



My girl ❤


Please let me know what you think! Contact me for information about Qhemet Biologics in my salon! ❤ Ally

The Wonders of Wet Styling


Wet styling is a great way for your hair to get the moisture it needs after thermal styling or periods of dryness. There is a big difference between wet styling and overnight conditioning and at home styling and professional styling.

With wet styling, the hair can be styled in the morning, and it has the whole day to air dry, especially at the roots. With overnight conditioning, a fertile ground for potentially breeding bacteria and fungi is created by the moist, dark conditions. Wet styling also allows air to circulate through the scalp while the hair absorbs the moisture. When I freshened my daughter’s style this morning, I could tell her hair is completely recovered from the thermal styling of the past 2 weeks.

Wet styling can certainly be done at home. I have done twists and braids on wet hair on my own. But little children will certainly need help with styling. The professional stylist can plan the style and execute it with great precision…something to consider.



Products Used: Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll, Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream

Another benefit of wet styling is that your hair is done! I cant wait to hear what all the kids say about my daughter’s hair! This style only took 2 hours from start to finish with deep conditioning under the dryer and in-between iPhone games 🙂



Lauren Happy To Have Her Hair Done

Please let me know what you think! ❤ Ally 

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Protective Styling Season

Everyone needs a break from their hair. Protective style options are a great way to take a break. However, if your goal is to grow long natural hair, I suggest transitioning out of added hair and have your own hair put into a protective style once it reaches a medium length. As the hair grows, the protective style braids, twists, etc should become bigger. Less parting equals less stress points on the hair. Less weight in the hair equals less stress on the hair.

 When I went to Lake Tahoe for a few days with my kids, I twisted my hair up because I did not want to deal with it on the road.
2 Strand Twists


When I took the twists down, I had a nice wavy twistout that was elegant looking. Once I washed my hair, it was more dry than normal from the blowout. But the recovery, shedding and hair loss were close to normal, and what I would expect for the twist style. I have never had hair added since I have been natural. It is my preference not to add the hair. For me, it would be too tempting to leave the style in for too long and risk my already thirsty high porosity hair falling out. So many protective styles can be achieved on the hair we have. I plan on experimenting with some throughout the fall/winter months, and of course, I will share the results!

Please let me know what you think! ❤ Ally