Mixolo’G Scalp Massage, The Free Growth Stimulator

I pulled out my Cosmetology book from school to refresh myself on how they teach scalp massages. When I turned to the page, I couldn’t help but laugh…The technique they teach would NOT work on natural hair as thick as mine. Also, I have tried to massage my head before shampooing with oil, and that just turned into a scratching session for me. So I devised my technique, the Mixolo’G Scalp Massage Method. The most significant benefit of a scalp massage is increased blood flow to the head, which for me, has stimulated the growth of my hair.

Mixolo’G Scalp Massage Method

1. The hair should be shampooed, conditioned, and detangled first. With conditioner (preferably deep conditioner) and plastic cap on the head, sit under a warm hooded dryer for at least 30 minutes until the hair is warmed through.

2. Remove dryer heat from the hair. In a sitting or comfortable position, insert fingertips to the base of the scalp and begin to massage the scalp in an upward circular motion. Massage in the direction that the hair is detangled in to avoid creating tangles.

3. Perform the scalp manipulation until most of the heat dissipates from hair, 10-15 minutes. Place the plastic cap back on the hair and sit in a relaxed position for another 15 minutes to allow blood flow to return to normal.

4. Rinse conditioner from the hair and proceed with normal styling routine.


My Hair After Scalp Massage With Conditioner


Do not perform a scalp massage if there are any scalp disorders or broken skin. Use the best judgement to decide what amount to massage pressure to use…It should feel good! Consult your physician if you have any medical concerns. There is no guarantee that scalp massage will lead to hair growth.

Please let me know what you think! ❤ Ally

Kaolin Clay Clarifying Deep Cleanse Recipe

 Mullein herb and kaolin clay

The idea of a spa-treatment for your hair really appeals to me. When I think of a clay cleanse, I think of the purifying and detoxifying elements of clays, ashes and muds. For my hair, this clay cleanse was the right treatment at the right time. I haven’t clarified my hair at all in the 3 years that I have been natural for fear of stripping the natural oils from my hair and leaving it feeling like straw. I also needed this cleanse because my scalp was inflamed and itching from sweating in the California heat. The kaolin clay and mullein herb did not disappoint. When I applied the mix to my hair, my scalp immediately stopped itching. After rinsing, conditioning and styling, I feel like my hair has a new lease on this natural hair journey!

I found that I did not need to have the mix in the consistency of a paste to get the benefit of the clay. 2 tablespoons were enough to give the clarifying effect and not be gummy as some naturals have reported. Also, I recommend using this mix every 2-3 months as needed to remove buildup from the hair.


2 tablespoons kaolin clay (trial-size available)

1 cup Mullein Herb Mix (see below for recipe)



Mullein Herb Mix

2 tablespoons mullein leaf (trial-size available)

1-1/4 cup water


To Make

Use a ratio of 1-1/4 cup of water to 2 tablespoons of the dried herb. Pour boiling water over herbs and allow to steep 2 hours in a closed container. Strain herbs and discard. Use remaining liquid.


Kaolin Clay Clarifying Deep Cleanse Recipe

To Make

Combine kaolin clay and mullein herb mix in an applicator bottle. Shake contents to thoroughly mix. Mix will be runny. Use immediately.

To Use

Hair must be detangled and shampooed or cowashed before applying the kaolin clay mix. Use applicator bottle to slowly saturate scalp and strands. Do not attempt to comb. Smooth hair with hands to make sure all the hair is covered. Gather hair into a ponytail (front or back depending on how you wash your hair) and loosely tie a no-snag elastic to hold the hair. Cover with a plastic cap and allow to sit 20 minutes. Rinse scalp and hair thoroughly until water runs clear. Expect hair to be stiff from clarifying effect. Condition, apply detangler/leave-in conditioner, and styling product to hair as normal. Hair should respond by feeling cleansed, strengthened and not stripped.


Next day hair

I would love your feedback on this recipe! ❤ Ally