Lite’G Castor Oil Finishing Spread Pomade

My youngest daughter, Lauren, was just not having any more of being the guinea pig to test my products, so I had to step up to the plate. I mixed up a light (Lite’G) spread pomade to use for dry-twist/braid styles and flat-ironing for 4A and 4B hair. My goal was to make a product that didn’t end up feeling sticky on the hair, but is able to achieve great finished styles.


Bantu Knot product test

I call it a “spread” because it’s not as heavy as a butter or cream, but it melts in your hands and is easy to spread on the hair in small amounts. I am very pleased with the weightlessness of the product in my hair. I have a bantu knot in the bang area now, and I am psyched at how it turned out!



1 tablespoon castor oil

1 tablespoon safflower oil

1 teaspoon emulsifying wax (trial-size available)

1 teaspoon Brahmi Herb Mix (see below for recipe)



Brahmi Herb Mix 

1 teaspoon brahmi powder (trial-size available)

¼ cup water


To Make

Use a ratio of 1/4 cup of water to 1 teaspoon of the dried herb powder. Pour boiling water over herbs and allow to steep 2 hours or until cool in a closed container. Strain herbs with a coffee strainer and discard. Use remaining liquid.


Lite’G Castor Oil Finishing Spread 

To Make

Make brahmi herb mix in a separate pot and let cool to warm. Mix castor and safflower oils with the emulsifying wax in another pot in a small double boiler. When the water in the bottom pot of the double boiler reaches the boiling point, the emulsifying wax will dissolve in the castor and safflower oils, about 1 minute. Remove castor and safflower oil from the heat and place on a potholder. Immediately combine the warm brahmi herb mix with the hot grapeseed oil (If you do it the other way around you will lose oil) in a 2-cup capacity container and use a wire whisk to blend 2-3 minutes. The mix should be a creamy consistency at this time. Allow the mix to cool to room temperature and then refrigerate. Use immediately.

To Use

I recommend blowing out hair with  Low-Heat Protection Lotion. To achieve the bantu knot look, apply the castor oil finishing spread in a pea-sized amount or smaller to thin sections of hair and pass over with a flat-iron no more than 2 times. Then spray lightly (do not saturate) with a holding spray or alcohol-free hair spray and twist and wind the hair into a bantu knot. Allow knots to set overnight. Unwind, separate, and style the hair.


The liquids in the recipe are at scalding temperatures. Mixolo’G, Natural Hair Mixology is not responsible for the assumption of risk in the execution of this recipe.


Finished mixed textures look

I would love your feedback on this recipe! ❤ Ally

Quick Hair Rinse and Scalp Oil to Beat the Heat


Ok Cali, it’s summer, we get it

This recipe is for wash-and-go type styles.

It is really hot and surprisingly humid today in CA, and I am the type of person who sweats profusely with a little activity. Mix the sweat with the products applied to my hair and it makes a hot, smelly mess. The odor may have been a sign of bacteria-growth, so I knew I needed to rinse and cool my scalp, but I wanted to apply something to it afterward so that it would not become dry and flaky. I did not want to go through the hassle of detangling my hair either. So I came up with the perfect compromise to hold me over until wash day.


1 capful grapeseed oil

1-2 drops lavender essential oil (pleasant scent) or 1-2 drops tea tree oil or peppermint oil (cooling sensation)

2 cups diluted iced tea (optional)



To Make

Mix the lavender essential oil (or tea tree or peppermint) into the grapeseed oil in a small container. Use immediately.


To Use

Section dry hair into 4 and band into ponytails. Apply lukewarm water to base of scalp and let water rinse at the scalp. Slowly adjust water to cool and lightly agitate scalp. As an option, stop the water and pour 2 cups of cold diluted iced tea on scalp. Once complete, allow hair to drip until it mostly stops but do not towel dry. Apply grapeseed oil mix to partings with fingers and massage into scalp area. Reapply styling product to the hair shaft and ends and air-dry to 80% dryness. Remove hair bands and scrunch hair to style.

Chlorine Fighting Pre-Poo Recipe

This was an EMERGENCY. My youngest, Lauren, had come from a field trip to the pool and she had fried, dried, and will never lay-to-the-side hair!!!

Chlorine Fighting Pre Poo Article

 Lauren’s hair before Chlorine Fighting Pre-Poo treatment

I was in panic mode because it was my fault for not properly preparing her hair for the pool. So on a wing and a prayer, I whipped up this recipe to remove the chlorine. In my previous experience with chlorine in my daughter’s hair, it would clump, dry and be unmanageable after applying the shampoo. I would have to pour excess conditioner on her hair to separate and detangle the strands. When I applied the pre-poo, I could immediately see her hair regaining its luster. I kept my fingers crossed, applied the shampoo after the pre-poo treatment, and her hair felt much smoother than in my previous experience. The chlorine was completely removed. With summer starting and pools opening, this recipe is the difference between retaining and losing strands due to dryness and breakage. So why worry…jump in the pool!

Chlorine Fighting Pre Poo Article 2

Lauren’s hair after Chlorine Fighting Pre-Poo treatment


1 tablespoon baking soda

1 cup herb mix (see below for recipe)

1/2 cup aloe vera juice

1 teaspoon safflower oil


Herb Mix Recipe

1 tablespoon comfrey root

1 tablespoon burdock root

1 cup water


To Make

Use a ratio of 1 cup of water to 2 tablespoons of the dried herb. Pour boiling water over herbs and allow to steep 2 hours in a closed container or until room temperature. Strain herbs and discard. Use remaining liquid.


Chlorine Fighting Pre-Poo Recipe

One Hour Before

Prepare herb mix.


To Make

Combine the herb mix, safflower oil, aloe vera juice, and baking soda in a 2-cup capacity container and stir with a spoon until the baking soda dissolves.  Pour mix carefully into an applicator bottle. Use immediately. Makes about 1 ½ cups.


To Use

Wet hair until soaking with lukewarm water to rinse out as much excess chlorine as possible. Allow excess water to drip from hair but do not wring or towel dry. Use an applicator bottle with tip to apply pre-poo to hair until hair is saturated and dripping. Cover head with a plastic cap and allow to sit for up to 15 minutes. Do not allow pre-poo to dry on hair. Rinse thoroughly from hair and scalp until water is clear. Shampoo and condition as normal.



This recipe has a greenish color to it, and it has not been tested on lighter hair or blonde hair. Please strand-test before using to ensure a satisfactory result.

I would love your feedback on this recipe! ❤ Ally