Color Does Not Lift Color, Lesson Learned

My blonde highlights were great over the summer, however as the seasons changed, the color started to look washed out. I wanted to return to my natural level to allow my hair to grow in without harsh dark roots, so I colored my hair down to a natural level 4. Over the winter, I fell in love with pictures of naturals with coppery reds in the level 6 range in their hair. When I applied my color, a level 6 copper to my hair, I thought maybe some of the copper tone would show, but because most of my hair was dark, I got nothing. I do have copper new growth though, and I am hoping with the California sun acting as a natural lightener, I can achieve the color I want over time and with hair growth. But I do not want to lighten my hair with bleach at this time, especially since it is very dry from the heat in my home at night.

10945013_10100617905404770_9083448324950085579_nI want red hair, not fair!

I will grow my hair out and do it the right way so that my hair doesn’t get stressed and break off. I may add subtle copper highlights later so the color blends better. The bang is a loose flat twist pulled around and pinned into place. I love color on natural hair, but I am cautious and conscientious when I apply it. I learned my lesson-Pick a color level and stick to it! Change takes time!!!

Please let me know what you think! ❤ Ally

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Quick Hair Rinse and Scalp Oil to Beat the Heat


Ok Cali, it’s summer, we get it

This recipe is for wash-and-go type styles.

It is really hot and surprisingly humid today in CA, and I am the type of person who sweats profusely with a little activity. Mix the sweat with the products applied to my hair and it makes a hot, smelly mess. The odor may have been a sign of bacteria-growth, so I knew I needed to rinse and cool my scalp, but I wanted to apply something to it afterward so that it would not become dry and flaky. I did not want to go through the hassle of detangling my hair either. So I came up with the perfect compromise to hold me over until wash day.


1 capful grapeseed oil

1-2 drops lavender essential oil (pleasant scent) or 1-2 drops tea tree oil or peppermint oil (cooling sensation)

2 cups diluted iced tea (optional)



To Make

Mix the lavender essential oil (or tea tree or peppermint) into the grapeseed oil in a small container. Use immediately.


To Use

Section dry hair into 4 and band into ponytails. Apply lukewarm water to base of scalp and let water rinse at the scalp. Slowly adjust water to cool and lightly agitate scalp. As an option, stop the water and pour 2 cups of cold diluted iced tea on scalp. Once complete, allow hair to drip until it mostly stops but do not towel dry. Apply grapeseed oil mix to partings with fingers and massage into scalp area. Reapply styling product to the hair shaft and ends and air-dry to 80% dryness. Remove hair bands and scrunch hair to style.