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Mixolo’G Scalp Massage, The Free Growth Stimulator

I pulled out my Cosmetology book from school to refresh myself on how they teach scalp massages. When I turned to the page, I couldn’t help but laugh…The technique they teach would NOT work on natural hair as thick as mine. Also, I have tried to massage my head before shampooing with oil, and that just turned into a scratching session for me. So I devised my technique, the Mixolo’G Scalp Massage Method. The most significant benefit of a scalp massage is increased blood flow to the head, which for me, has stimulated the growth of my hair.

Mixolo’G Scalp Massage Method

1. The hair should be shampooed, conditioned, and detangled first. With conditioner (preferably deep conditioner) and plastic cap on the head, sit under a warm hooded dryer for at least 30 minutes until the hair is warmed through.

2. Remove dryer heat from the hair. In a sitting or comfortable position, insert fingertips to the base of the scalp and begin to massage the scalp in an upward circular motion. Massage in the direction that the hair is detangled in to avoid creating tangles.

3. Perform the scalp manipulation until most of the heat dissipates from hair, 10-15 minutes. Place the plastic cap back on the hair and sit in a relaxed position for another 15 minutes to allow blood flow to return to normal.

4. Rinse conditioner from the hair and proceed with normal styling routine.


My Hair After Scalp Massage With Conditioner


Do not perform a scalp massage if there are any scalp disorders or broken skin. Use the best judgement to decide what amount to massage pressure to use…It should feel good! Consult your physician if you have any medical concerns. There is no guarantee that scalp massage will lead to hair growth.

Please let me know what you think! ❤ Ally

Everything I Wanted To Say To Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams was the keynote speaker at the Ultimate Women’s Expo held in the San Mateo Expo Center last Saturday. I had only heard about the event the day before, and I couldn’t miss her appearance at the $5 price of admission.


Wendy Williams On Stage Giving Us Life

Wendy showed up and showed out! She appeared flawless onstage with every hair laid in place, and her skin glowing under the lights. She talked about life, love, and everything in-between, giving real-world lessons and advice tailored to the women in the audience. Some of her main points included:

1. Have a plan A, B, and C in life.

2. Don’t depend on a man for your well-being. Be able to stand up on your own and for yourself.

3. Don’t give up on love. Even for the over 35 set (me included) love can still be found.

After her talk, she held a question and answer session with the audience. The questions ranged from issues with getting a man to put a ring on it to grandmother discipline of the grandchildren she is caring for. Wendy’s advice was so on-point for the people struggling with the questions they already know the answer to.

Wendy was also signing copies of her latest book, “Hold Me In Contempt” immediately following the show. I took my daughter to the restroom and snack bar, and figured if there were any books left, I would try to get a signed copy. Of course, Wendy and Barnes and Noble had plenty of copies for sale so I bought one and stood in line.


 Wendy Williams Signing Her Book Hold Me In Contempt

I started thinking about all the years I had been listening to Wendy Williams, being born and raised in North Jersey, and what in the world would I say when it was my turn to get my book signed.

I wanted to ask, how is Uncle Red doing? (DJ Red Alert) Of all the radio shows that Wendy did, I always thought they had the best vibe on the air.

I wanted to tell her, I just got my braces off my teeth at 38 years old! Sounds ridiculous, but if you have been listening to Wendy all these years, she prioritizes good teeth, skin, hair, and appearance in general. Wendy knows how important keeping yourself together really is in the real world, and I wanted to thank her for reinforcing that message in my life.

I wanted to tell her about the time when I called into the radio station (either KISS FM or WBLS) and was on the air with her. She asked me was my favorite color lipstick was, and I said brown :). I was so young at the time!

I wanted to thank her for keeping it real with these celebrities (Hi’ You Doin’?)  I really love her talk show because when she dishes the dirt, her eyes tell what is really going on!

One last question I wanted to ask her is, what do you think of the current state of radio in the r&b/hip-hop genre? What is your view on the Clear Channel consolidation and the shift to syndication of radio shows? What about your colleagues who have been displaced by this?

So many years of history listening to Wendy on the radio from the late 80’s/early 90’s until today, and only 5 seconds to say something!!!



My Picture With Wendy Williams

“Thank you for getting me through all the good years Wendy!” is what I ended up saying. And she said, “Thank you!” in her trademark voice. She is a lovely and totally keeping it real woman.

Toning It Down For Fall

Summer to Fall Hair

After a summer of heavy bleach abuse on my hair, it was time to take it down a notch. I still find it incredible that when my hair was relaxed, any time I tried to color it, my hair would be breaking off the next week. Now, I can lighten and color, all with care and proper moisture balance, and still have a healthy hair journey.

Color Preparation For the Hair

To prepare my hair for color, I deep conditioned my hair two days before I applied the color filler, as explained below. I put a small amount of leave-in conditioner on my hair, but no curl cream because it could impede the color from processing correctly.

2-Step Color Process in Detail

I achieved this more natural hair color look in a 2 step process:

1. Use a color filler for highlights so the dye will hold in the hair.

When lightener is applied to the hair, the lightener removes the pigmentation in the hair strand, causing it to become blonde over the processing time. In order to darken the hair again, a preliminary filler should be used, which replaces some pigment by processing it back into the hair strands.

My filler was a level 7 dark blonde color with 10 volume developer applied to the highlights only. I allowed that to process for 30 minutes, rinsed, shampooed and conditioned, and allowed to air dry. The following day I applied the final color, explained in the next step.


Hair with Filler Color Applied

2. Allow filler to set and apply final color process.

After 24 hours, the filler color was sufficiently set into my hair. Because I used low volume developer, a second color process would pose a minimal risk of damage to my hair. For the final color, I used a combination of level 5 color for my new growth and feathered it into the midshaft, and a level 7 color for the ends to give the hair some natural dimension with 10 volume developer. After 45 minutes of processing time (for those stubborn grays), I washed my hair normally and prepared it for styling.

Styling and Care for New Color

Before I colored my hair, I cut more layers into it by using the controlled-shape trim method . After a color process I do not like to band my hair tightly or restrict the hair from drying because it may adversely affect the color. After applying my curl cream, I banded my hair very loosely and allowed it to air dry. I removed the bands when my hair was damp and wore it out the rest of the day. I loosely banded my hair into a pineapple for overnight care. The hair should not be washed for at least 48 hours after a color process to allow the color to set into the hair. I’m loving the color and shape of my hair more and more as it grows!

10687092_698111496946420_7113387743878984591_nAll smiles!

Please let me know if this information was helpful! Ally

My Accidental Discovery of Babassu Oil For My Face

I am almost 40 years old and I still battle adult acne. I am always careful when it comes to using oil on my face. My skin is extremely prone to breakouts, especially in the summertime when I get hot and sweaty. I have been using aloe vera gel as a light primer for my makeup and it works well, but my skin needed some softening and exfoliation. I looked at all of the oils I have been buying lately for my recipes and figured one of these has to work on my skin. I chose babassu oil because it is so similar to coconut oil, but it is not as greasy and pore-clogging. I applied the oil to my face while it was still damp, and just used a light coating. I let it sit on my skin for about an hour or so, and then washed it off. After two days, my skin is soft, supple, and clear of dead skin. Next time I use the babassu oil, I may add some drops of essential oil to give it a pleasant fragrance, or even come up with a recipe for a lotion to use it in.

I wanted to share this because I know there are others out there who struggle with adult acne and the traditional advice does not work for us. Hope this helps!

Babassu Oil

Goldwell Anti-Brassiness Shampoo



I created a blog for Naturals who love color! Check it out at and follow at


Uncompensated Review

Goldwell’s Anti-Brassiness Shampoo claims to neutralize the tone of highlights while protecting the color from fading. The purple color of the liquid acts as a complimentary color to the brassy tones, effectively canceling them out. I have used this type of shampoo on other clients before, but never on myself. I began by using my normal shampoo to wash out the product build-up on my hair. I then applied the Goldwell as directed.

Highlight Toner Shampoo 2

Front view before and after

I applied about a quarter-size amount on each section of my hair and the shampoo immediately formed a thick lather. I let the lather sit on my hair for 15 minutes and rinsed my hair and followed the rest of my normal wash routine.

Highlight Toner Shampoo

Back view before and after

As my hair dried, I immediately noticed a difference in the tone of my hair. In the picture of the front view of my hair, the curls look more blonde and the natural red undertones of my hair were muted. In the picture of the back view of my hair, the highlights are more uniform in the yellow tone.

I am very pleased with the overall results of the toning of my highlights after one shampoo. The bottle is a little over 10 ounces and it should last a while because this type of shampoo is used on an as-needed basis.  I would recommend this toning shampoo for use after a highlighting service for a professional finish.

The Goldwell Anti-Brassiness Shampoo is for sale on my Facebook page under the products tab.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about this product! ❤ Ally

How to do a Controlled Shape Trim (Mix’G Trim)

I’ve read various methods for trimming the hair, from the “fairy knot search and destroy” to the infamous Deva Cut. The goal of those types of trims is to remove the oldest hair that may be prone to damage or splitting. The end result is refreshed hair that probably has multiple random layers.

For a time, as my hair was growing, I would just section my hair into four, put my hair into ponytails with banded ends, and cut the ends off easily. It worked very well, but as it grew, I did not like the shape it was taking.


Before the Controlled Shape Trim

My hair had the “Sideshow Bob” look in my opinion. The bangs were too long, and the top was too heavy, although my hair was healthy and moisturized. I wanted a more evenly layered shape, so I decided to go back to my cosmetology principles with a twist. I would use angular directional cutting to shape my hair with banding to control it.

Cutting Angles with Direction

If you have ever had your hair layered and watched the cosmetologist cut it, they lifted your hair to some degree and made the cut. They may have even pulled your hair in a certain direction to add or remove weight in an area of your hair. Those general principles are all it takes to create shape in a hair cut. Curly hair has the added challenge of coiling at the ends, making an accurate cut very difficult, so banding is necessary to control the hair.

Banding for Control

It is a challenge to cut curly hair when it is wet. Even hair with a gentle wave can throw off the evenness of a haircut. To shape natural hair, use a no-snag elastic to hold the hair in place for better control when cutting. Be sure to plan your cut first and think of how each section of the hair is to fall on the head, so that every section falls into place once the bands are released.

Step-by-Step Instructions for a Controlled Shape Trim

To achieve my layered look, I took the following steps.

1. After the normal wash routine, apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner and section wet hair into four.

2. Take each section of hair and detangle it by combing it to the crown (top) of the head.

     By pulling the hair to the crown of my head, I was giving direction to the hair to have shorter layers around the              crown of my head and longer layers around the periphery.

3. Pull each section into a ponytail and used a no-snag band to secure the hair at the base of the head as well as the ends of the hair. With four ponytails at the top of the head, the hair is ready to be cut.

4. Take each ponytail and pull it straight up to the ceiling. Cut the ends of the hair past the rubber band about a half-inch, making sure all the lengths of the ponytails are relatively even with each other.

5. When done, release the ponytails, added curl cream, and style.



After the Controlled Shape Trim

The resulting shape was better suited for my face and was not so heavy in the front. I trim my hair about every 4 months, or after every other color retouch. I plan on keeping this shape for a while and see how it looks as it grows out.

Please let me know if this information was helpful! ❤ Ally

Lite’G Honey Aloe Soft Hold Gel

I formulated this gel while in the process of trying to make a curl cream. I have a commercial curl cream that I use that has built-in hold, but sometimes I don’t want my hair so stiff. With a separate gel, you can completely control the level of hold you want on your hair and get the moisturizing benefits of your favorite curl cream. This gel can be used over your favorite curl cream to define curls and give a soft, touchable hold to the hair.

Hair Gel



1 cup water

1/2 tablespoon Kosher Great Lakes unflavored gelatin

2 tablespoons honey

2 tablespoons aloe vera gel

1 tablespoon glycerin


To Make

Prepare gelatin by adding about 1/4 cup of cold water to a measuring cup. Add the gelatin slowly while stirring to wet the gelatin.  Heat 1 cup of water to boiling. Once water is boiling, remove from heat and slowly add 3/4 cup of hot water to gelatin powder while stirring continuously until powder is fully dissolved. Stir frequently until gelatin cools to warm temperature. Add honey to gelatin mix and stir. Allow mix to cool to close to lukewarm. Add glycerin and stir until thoroughly mixed. Cover and refrigerate until just firm, about 2-3 hours, checking mix frequently. When just firm, remove from refrigerator. Add 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and use a stick blender to blend until mix turns creamy with a hint of green color. Refrigerate mix until firm and use immediately. Gel will only be stable for approximately 2 days.

To Use

On damp hair, apply your preferred curl cream as directed and allow curl cream to penetrate, soften, and set in the hair. Use a spoon to remove a quarter-size amount of gel from container and rub between hands to melt. Apply over curl cream and by smoothing and/or scrunching the hair and style as usual. Once applied, do not comb out the curls. Allow to air or diffuse dry.

Please let me know what you think of this recipe! ❤ Ally

3 Rules to Break When Coloring Natural Hair

I am extremely pleased with the way my color and highlights turned out this time around. But I realized that I didn’t follow three of the most of the cardinal rules of coloring hair. My main interest is in preserving the integrity of the hair and I take every precaution when I use color. The rules that I broke to achieve this look actually benefit the hair!


My newly highlighted locks

As a cosmetologist, I only use professional color on my hair. The range of options of color are infinite with a good color line and skilled use of lightener. I would advise anyone considering a major color change to have a consultation with a licensed cosmetologist.

Rules to Break!

1. Always Perform a Shampoo Cap or Demi-Permanent  to Prevent a Line of Demarcation

When retouching the regrowth (roots) of the hair with the same level of color that has been previously applied, the rule is to apply color to the regrowth and then either do a shampoo cap or demi-permanent matching color to refresh the previously colored hair. This is to prevent a line of demarcation to show between the freshly colored regrowth and the previously colored hair at the midshaft and ends. That rule can be broken for natural hair! I break this rule for 2 reasons. 1. Overlapping color was causing my hair to become dry and brittle. 2. My hair is high porosity, and it would absorb a lot of expensive product. I tried retouching my regrowth only, and I found that there is no detectable line of demarcation because my hair has a curl pattern that hides it! This is one great way that I save money and save product.

2. Always Thin Weave Hair for a Natural Look


Image is from a Pinterest site, I do not own this image

Normally, I am not a big fan of stripe highlights or thick weave highlights. Stripe highlights, as shown in the picture above, are created by highlighting alternating partings that are one-quarter to one-half inch thick in the “mohawk” section of the hair. Weave highlights are created by taking one-quarter to one-half inch parting of hair and “weaving” it to break up the harsh stripe line. This can be done in a thick or thin pattern. On straight hair, the rule of thumb is the thinner the weave, the more natural the resulting highlights will look. However with natural hair, I break this rule to get the effect I am looking for. There are 2 reasons why I break this rule. 1. Parting natural hair in a dry state must be done carefully. 2. It is easier to weave, pull apart and control thick weave in natural hair than thin weave in natural hair. The curl pattern of the hair blends the thick weave  and gives the hair a more natural look. This is a great method to get the highlight you want without causing excessive breakage, damage, and tangling.

3. Use Higher Volume Developers to Achieve More Lift in Color

This rule to break is totally a personal rule for my hair that I have arrived at through trial and error. I do not use any developer over 10 Volume in my hair when applying hair color. I have found that at higher volumes, my hair gets extremely dry and damaged. I just know my hair and it’s limitations, and I can live with the trade-off of less color choices to protect the integrity of my hair.With lightener, I was taught that the hair will lift with the lowest volume developer, but it will just take longer to achieve the level desired. In the picture of my hair, I achieved the lightest blonde streaks with lightener and 10 volume developer.


Hair care is a family affair

I hope you benefit from my rebellious streak and take a chance on hair color!

Please let me know if this information was helpful! ❤ Ally