Protective Styling Season

Everyone needs a break from their hair. Protective style options are a great way to take a break. However, if your goal is to grow long natural hair, I suggest transitioning out of added hair and have your own hair put into a protective style once it reaches a medium length. As the hair grows, the protective style braids, twists, etc should become bigger. Less parting equals less stress points on the hair. Less weight in the hair equals less stress on the hair.

 When I went to Lake Tahoe for a few days with my kids, I twisted my hair up because I did not want to deal with it on the road.
2 Strand Twists


When I took the twists down, I had a nice wavy twistout that was elegant looking. Once I washed my hair, it was more dry than normal from the blowout. But the recovery, shedding and hair loss were close to normal, and what I would expect for the twist style. I have never had hair added since I have been natural. It is my preference not to add the hair. For me, it would be too tempting to leave the style in for too long and risk my already thirsty high porosity hair falling out. So many protective styles can be achieved on the hair we have. I plan on experimenting with some throughout the fall/winter months, and of course, I will share the results!

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